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MGS Spec.

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Hi all,

I have read alot about the various MGS issues on the forum. With
some of the new plug-ins (ex. Eternal SPU), some of these problems are supposed addressed (by various postings) ...

If it's not too much trouble, can someone give a list of the things that are still problematic with MGS on ePSXe, and give a full config listing of their plug-in config?

So that this thread can be reference by any future inquiries about MGS. ;)

I noticed most of the problem fix has been tested on GeForce cards, (I'm running ATI Radeon DDR, which is another popular choice) ... I'd like to try out the afore-mentioned config and see if they are fixes for ATI as well. :p

Sorry about the long-winded message.

My PC Config is:
Intel P4 1.4 GHz CPU
ATI Radeon DDR 64MB Video Card
Sound Blaster Live! X-Gamer 5.1
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:eek: Just update the message and see if anyone is willing to help ...

:eyes: Pleazzz?
Eternal 1.1 SPU used on Radeon cause substantial performance degredation during cutscenes. (I was unable to make it run well),
Pete's SPU 1.1 still seems the best choice by far ... except it cause
the speech and text mis-sync substantially.

Some people in the past suggested the extensive lagging between sound and text display eventually causes MGS to crash ... is that still the case in ePSXe 1.4.0?
Lewpsy's plug-in only works well on 3dfx cards (ex. Vodoo), ATI Radeon is not part of that family unfortunately. :eek:

Since Iori's SPU and Eternal SPU both causes substantial performance hit on ATI Radeon ... I'm pretty much stuck with Pete's SPU until a better solution presents itself.

Any user of ATI family out there that got MGS running good on Eternal?
You make me almost wish I have a GeForce card ;)

Below is an quote from my comments on ATI Radeon with ePSXe
(posted in the plug-in section):

From what I can recall, I haven't see any instance of Radeon + gfx setting running well yet. This is mainly due to the fact that ATI texture mapping technique is significantly different from nVidia or Vodoo technology (texture is ATI's main strength actually).

It would be very nice to have a GPU plug-in that utilizes the ATI texture techniques, we should observe a huge graphic quality and speed improvement for ePSXe, if that's the case ... Now I'm just day-dreaming ...
1 - 5 of 26 Posts
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