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MGS PC Technical issues.

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I didn't find any other appropriate sections of the forum for that, so I post it here. I'm having MANY problems with my PC version of MGS. I've got problems with both the video and sound. Most specifically during the cutscenes that are pre-recorded and don't use the game's engine I get a blank screen. Even worse is the problem with the sound, which is completely out of control. The speech during codec or other cutscenes sometimes stops, the sound is heard monoaural and then changes to stereo, and sometimes the music just stops playing. This is no way to play MGS.

Anybody else has similar problems? Is it maybe some WinXP compatibility issue?

My system is P4 @ 2.4GHz, 512 RAM, Radeon 9600 Pro, Soundblaster Audigy 2.

For the record I encountered some problems during installation with the vox files (although when I checked the game's folder they seemed to have been installed properly)

Any type of help would be highly appreciated.
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YUP, MGS was released back in the day for Win 98, Konami has never updated it to current OS's, therefore it is not going to work well on the PC. Ur best option is ePSXe.

Or if u reallllllllllllyyyyyyyyy...... want to play it on the pc there is a option where XP can emulate previous versions of Windows for specific programs, but I dont know much about it as I never used it.
Yeah, I was afraid of that. Thanks anyway :)
it still worked with my late 5900XT though, but things get bad when i enable Anti-Alias on it, and it seems that it wont recognize newer hardware anymore, as i can only run it on Software mode on a GF6 card, good thing theres still ePSXe :)
I have never had any problems with the game...the only thing I wish was if they released a patch or something to support pixel shaders to enable the special motion blur effects that were on the PSX to come on PC.

r2rX :(
mh, didn't experience any problems either exept for some low framerates when turned on the camoflage effect (weird on a p4 2,6 etc).
as for your problem, try setting compatibility mode to win98. if that doenst help i can't imagine anything else :/
I also set the compatibility mode to win98 and voila. There you go.
I've tried. Doesn't work. It turns out that the sound problems I have are DirectX related. If I set the sound acceleration to none, most problems will be fixed (although in some cutscenes the sound will become like bad emulation). I still seem to have a problem with the video though. I asked a friend to try it in his system (he has a Radeon 9600 as well) and it seems to have worked for him too.

I am starting to believe that something might be wrong with my system, since ever since the 4.12 catalyst drivers I can't run Vice City either (game runs but with blank screen). I already tried earlier drivers but no luck so far.
hmmm i have this game for pc, and it werked flawlessly on my xp
Hm, I still can't figure out what's going on with the video. The screen isn't completely blank, actually the part where the video is supposed to play is green. In the game's folder these videos turn out to be *.ddv files. I downloaded a player for ddv files and they work flawlessly there. It's only in-game that they do not run.
I don't know if this would help, but the Catalyst 5.12 drivers are out, and you also might wanna check for the latest drivers for your sound card.

Other than that, i'm outta ideas.

r2rX :)
Tried the new Catalyst already... no results. Does Creative's site have updated drivers, because everytime I check, I find nothing
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