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MGS on FPSE and ePSXe

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MGS is one of my favorite games, and as such I've been using to test many of the new plugins that come along.
here are the most optimal settings I could attain after much expirementation.

FPSE 0.9 or ePSXe 1.0.1 you will probably find MGS to be most playable on these two emus. Currently, I am still testing ePSXe 1.4.0 to see what combinations of plugin's I can use to get around a consistant crash during the video sequences in the NTSC version (I don't have the PAL version so I can't confirm if it has the same problem)

anyways here are my MGS settings

pete's GPU 1.50
Fullscreen On 800x600 32Bit color depth
R8 G8 B8 A8 Texture quality
1-Standard Filtering
2-Dynamic Caching
FPS Limit ON
Frame Skip: (OFF ePSXe) or (ON FPSE optional if you use interpeter mode)
FPS Auto Detect ON
Off Screen Drawing: 3-Enhansed
Famebuffer Textures: 2-Gfx card buffer
Alpha,mask,advanced blending options ON
Special Game Fixes: ON
(inside special game fixes)
PC FPS Calculation (ON for ePXSe) (OFF for FPSE)
Framebuffer Read: ON

Prodigy SPU 0.1
Buffer Length 40
Block 4
(Note: as long as the inteval reads 10 you should be fine)

CDrom Internal (ePSXe), ISO, or Pete's (for FPSE users who use win9x, win2k users should use the native FPSE CDRom plugin)

Extra stuff
If you have a fast computer, I recommend using FPSE and setting it to interpeter mode. Because, this will produce the most accurate emulation of MGS on a free playstation emulator.

now only if I could get the those movies to play faster in FPSE...oh well back to work again.

departing my dissapointment the current version of Prodigy doesn't support saves states. But it is the best sound plugin to date for MGS.

Hope this helps for anyone who's a big fan of this game.
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MGS still crashes in ePSXe 1.4.0 but not at the same point
I don't get it... why play MGS on an emu with some sacrafices either in stability or speed, or sound, when you can play the perfect port to the PC by Microsoft? I have it and it works perfectly! FFVII and FFVIII I can understand because some people can't use palleted textures, but MGS? Please inform me if I'm wrong but wouldn't playing a game PERFECTLY be much more enjoyable? I have nothing against emulation, so don't get me wrong, but I only play playstation games on ePSXe if I can't get the PC edition (with the exception of FFVIII because it runs slow on my Voodoo3).
I'm ok with playing MGS on an emulator since I already own the game, I'm not going to re-buy it just because there's a better PC version. I think it's better to spend that money towards a different game.
hmm the pc version of MGS...... looks the same only in Higher res.... same colors.....same story.... same texture.... same music... same movies..... snake still has no face.... no more blurring effects!?!! no thanks..... atlease epsxe can do the blurring effects.....
More info..............
PC version have unlock every mode in MGS and VR Mission..................
But VR Mission PC have no movie in E3 1997,Tokyo Game Show
But in PSX version have it.................
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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