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Beta Date: 14 August 2005 (Ref SPU2-fixed beta)
Conditions Tested Under

GSDX9 (SSE2) 0.9 - win,D3D,PS1.4 [25 07 2005]
spu2peops crashes (game uses custom module ezadpcm.irx)
spu2null OK
spu2ghz OK
SSSPSX PAD plugin 1.6
Cdvdpeops 1.2
DEV9null Driver 0.3 [14 05 2005]
FWnull Driver 0.4 [16 05 2005]
USA v01.70 BIOS
VURecompiler - no patches

Using pretty much the same configuration as generalplot with US version except from spu2 plugin
My graphics appear in correct ratio, although it looks like bathroom tiles.
As opposed to generalplot i'm using an ATI card.

GSMAX 3.0 and GSsoft 0.9 appear also in correct ratio.

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