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Hi, anybody knows if MGS works with EPSXE ? In my PC sound is skiping and the game do the same thing, but the frame rate is at 60/60. Here my system specs:

Athlon 900 mhz
64 ram
Voodoo2 12 mb
ePSXe 1.2
Lewpy´s driver 1.31
Epsxe SPU core
Epsxe cdr core

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MGS has sound problems in ePSXe no matter which plugin you use.
Also it crashes when you meet the darpa chief in version 1.2.0 and you have to use another emulator to change discs when the game asks to.
That's all I can think of,so if you want to play MGS use ePSXe v1.0.1 and make sure you have bleem! or VGS for the disc change.
Or you can only use VGS,it has no problems at all but the graphics are quite horrible(no hardware acceleration).
Hope I helped you.
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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