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Metal Gear Solid

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Now the ePSXe 1.4.0 has problems with the mdec of the game :(
does somebody know if I made something incorrect? :confused:
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It's not you,it already happened to everyone who tried to play that game,they fixed the crash that appeared in 1.2.0 but it seems that now a new crash appeared.
:confused: It seems that everybody can get MGS to work for some extend. But I can't even start to play at all. I mean after choosing the difficulty level " easy-normal-hard" then it suppose to start the game but on my system it just turn to black screen and stay there. It's not a crash or any thing it's just that nothng happen. How do you guys get it to work ?

My system
Pete opgl 1.50
Iori 1.41
Duron 600
GEforce Mx2
It doesn't work with iori's sound plugin, that's why.

Try with ePSXe sound core, or pete's sound plugin.
:) It is not the problem of SPU cos I tried every one it still not start.

SO end up using game saved from bleem and convert to EpsxE format and play MGS on ePSXe by load game and this works for every SPU plugin, But there's still sound looping problem though.
If it doesn't run from the CD, I advise you to make an ISO file.
It all depends on the SPU you use with MGS in order to get it playable.

Use Null's 1.34 or Prodigy SPU 0.1 with the following setting
Buffer 40
Block 4

with epsxe


Buffer 25
Block 3

with FPSE

Also Disable MDECs in epsxe 1.40 to prevent the game from crashing.
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1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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