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Metal Gear Solid

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I'm so happy coz i make it work w/ my old video card i mean asus v3800M (tnt2 M64) the blurring effect i got 55-60 fps on that bluring effect by using det. 10.80 not like when i'm using asus based driver 2-5 fps on that scene.. i thought i can make it through to the end of the game but when i reach the first mdec i mean in kenneth bakers celd it crashed and "epsxe illegal operation"... is there a solution to this
in tenchu chrono cross it work perfectly
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The crash is a bug in version 1.2.0,it works in versino 1.0.1 and it's fixed in the version 1.4.0(next version,don't ask me where ver. 1.3.0 is,I don't know!)
Yes we are waiting for epsxe 1.40 to come out so don't bother looking for it. As raziel said MGS only works in epsxe 1.01
good luck.
BTW you may want to try Detonator 7.58 because a guy at nvidia did a test with Diamond Viper v770 ultra(TNT2 Ultra) and found that with directX 8.1(its also better with directX 7, but not as much) the 7.58 out performs newer detonators because the newer ones are tweaked for geforce cards.
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