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Metal Gear Solid : The End Of The Game ( credits )

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i'm new here and i come here because i have a little problem...
first i have to say that i played Parasite Eve 1, i finished the game on epsxe1.5.2, without problem, but at the end of the credits, i couldn' t save the game ! so i tryied to finish the game with epsxe 1.6.0, and no problem, i could save.

now my problem is with metal gear solid, i have finish the game, no problem, but at the end of the credit, normally we can save and begin a new game with this save, BUT !! there is my problem, the credits never finish, it stays at the last things write in credits " Konami Japan ....... ", the FPS is still running (i mean, en the top i see the fps, and still running, don' t stop ). i tryied to finish these credits with both epsxe 1.5.2 and 1.6.0, but nothing change...i still can' t save at the end of the game and begin a new game :(

i think the problem is not in relation with plugins but maybe i'm wrong, i use eternal for sound, and pete openGL 1.74 for video.

does anyone know what should i do ?? =D

a big thanks for those who can help me !!


ps : if my problem is not clear, tell me i can explain it more clearly :)
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Try upgrading Pete's plugins.
The latest version available is 1.7.5.
Odd, played lots of times through MGS and I never had that problem, make sure your cd isn't scratched.
hum i play with iso, and they are correct i guess, but as you said it's odd T_T and i hate that ><

but yes i should try with the lastest pete's plug =] i can make a screenshot if necessary...
Maybe your ISO has some kind of problem, try remaking it.
have you tried pressing O or something? :p

have you tried PSXeven? i beat MGS Integral just fine on that.
hum well, i have i have tried with another video plugin, i don' t have changes, BUT maybe i should precise that i DON' T have sound in credits...i don' t know if there is sound in MGS credit, but i think it's strange cuz all game i played have sound in their credits...maybe i have a big problem ??

anyway, does anyone have already finish this game on ePSXe and save after credits then begin a new game ?

thanks again =]
MGS has music in the credits, there is "cant say good by to yesterday" and that other tribal type song (and if you beat it with the tuxedo it's techno).
hushypushy said:
(and if you beat it with the tuxedo it's techno).
didn't know that. cool ;)
yeah, go ahead and try it out :)
hum i don' t know how, but i suddently have the music in credits T_T after playing the last part of the game more than 20time, the music appeared, and more over, i got the mdec O_O

it's strange but cool ^^

thanks for your advice =D
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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