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Hello, I have a question about metal gear solid. on the codec of my game you cannot sacn through frequencies... it just shows a dull 888.88 and it also doesn't show the save file when i save it/load it. and i already set it to 4 on the off-screen drawing and still nothin.

sry about spelling.

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Bumping this thread because I am also having this problem and used the search function instead of just making a new topic off the mark. And I must say I don't see an answer for this sadly, nor do I see it in the special fixes compartment of the GPU config.

It also makes it to where you can't see the elevator button you're pressing when in the elevator.
I'm at least considering using a pec code from somewhere to shortcut and just give me all the codecs through hex editing(which is what gameshark and others do to get you a "cheat" through the game).

Though it would be nice to have back whatever pallet that is that's gone absent.
Who knows what else I'm missing?
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