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Hi... I need some help again....
I just got Metal Gear Solid and when I play it runs fine. Except when I reach areas with cutscenes and radio dialog.... the audio becomes a bit choppy and ever last few words is repeated... it would be like this, for example...
"Snake there it is... it is...
Oh I see it... see it..."

I even tried making it run off an .ISO but no change....

Here are the plugins I'm using:
Video: Pete's OpenGL 1.72
(Plugin: Pete's OpenGL Driver 1.1.72
Author: Pete Bernert
Card vendor: ATI Technologies Inc.
GFX card: RADEON 7500 DDR x86/SSE2

- 640x480 Window mode
[16 Bit]- Keep psx aspect ratio: off

- Default
- Filtering: 0
- Hi-Res textures: 0
- VRam size: 0 MBytes

- FPS limitation: on
- Frame skipping: off
- FPS limit: Auto

- Offscreen drawing: 1
- Framebuffer texture: 1
- Framebuffer access: 0
- Alpha multipass: on
- Mask bit: off
- Advanced blending: off

- Scanlines: off
- Line mode: off
- Unfiltered FB: on
- 15 bit FB: on
- Dithering: off
- Screen smoothing: off
- Screen cushion: off
- Game fixes: off [00000000])

Audio: P.E.Op.S. DSound Audio Driver 1.9
(First 3 boxes checked, last one unchecked)

I'm running the latest version of ePSXe.... thanks for any help you can give me.... :thumb:

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ok in Peops Dsoud, try using 2 2 2 2, and only the FIRST checkbox under misc.

for OGL, upgrade to 1.75, and make sure the PC FPS calc special fix is checked.

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Thanks Yeloazndevil, I will try what you said..... I will try this... I'll get back to you guys on how it goes...
...If it doesn't work I'll try what hushypushy said...
thanks again guys for all the help...

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Ok here is how I fixed the audio issue thanks to you guys!
I'm running ePSXe v.1.5.2
with audio plugin Eternal SPU 1.41 with "SPU IRQ - Wait CPU action" ticked
with video plugin Pete's 1.72 OpenGL with settings seen above

I tried getting Pete's 1.75 version of the OpenGL plugin, but that slowed down my game... so I left my plugin to 1.72...

Thanks Yeloazndevil and hushypushy for your help...

However I now have another issue that I didn't realize/forgot I had...
When it goes to a video cutscene I can't see anything... there's just lines going up the screen... I hear audio and I can tell there's an image if you look closely at the lines... how do I solve this problem for MGS?
Thanks again for all the help....
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