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Metal gear solid 1, A game released Back in 1998.
Theres lots to say alot about this great game
Story -
The story is very well developed For a game released Back in 1998, Its even Safe to say that it beats other game stories that came out this year. If metal gear solid was a book it would still probably sell well. its that good. its a tiny bit over 4 hours but very worth reading ( or listening) 10/10
Gameplay -
The gameplay Is very well for the game, Even though there are a few Gltiches/Bugs They are not To game breaking... Disc 1 is excellent. However Disc 2, Feels Repitive until you actually fight metal gear.
The characters Are Very well developed, better than some games in 2017. You can easily Get attached to them and relate to them. 10/10
The soundtrack is pretty good, but to me theres only 4 good ones. 7/10
Over all my rating is maybe 8.9/10 or 9/10.
I Feel as if The later metal gear games (2 and beyond) Failed to Get a grip of A good story and good characters. Metal gear solid 1 perfected the story and characters and did pretty well with their soundtrack and gameplay and 2 and beyond failed to do that.
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