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Sorry in advance, I'm told I talk to much alot. I have been trying to get a working patch for metal gear 3 snake eater. After long hours just trying to get the fps over 45 at a constant rate. I've read the site many time's on making patch files, thanks a lot to all of them btw. So here I'll post what I have done and see if there is something im just doing wrong.

AC7EFAD5 A742ACC8 <~~~~code twink site

patch=1,EE,C01D30A8,word,0A147530 <~~~~~ cb2crypt with common v7
vtlb miss : 0xC01D30A8, mode 1
so naturally I assumed the problem was in the first half of the code

Note though that the cb2crypt with common v7 still makes it crash even with changing c to 0 or 2. However it gives a different error code
vtlb miss : 0xA147530, mode 1
Making me think the second half was wrong... but more likely the whole thing

So I changed from common v7 to normal does the same thing it crashes
patch=1,EE,A682F389,word,0CF7E107 <~~~~ cb2crypt no common v7
vtlb miss : 0x8008F167, mode 1

So I tried using ,extended, instead of ,word, with both kinds of decrypt. It no longer crashed on the v7 kind, but still did not work. Tried changing the C to a 0 and 2 did nothing still. Any help would be much appreciated. If you do have one that works please explain how it was made. I tried not to be to long winded as I could :heh:
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