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Menu Glitches In Chrono Cross

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Dont know how i got this working before.. but the game menu and battle screen menue is all screwed up now the hell? oO
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By activating the odd/even bit hack (listed under special game fixes) and adding the -noauto command-line parameter.
-noauto was already in their, and the odd even hack made it worse

here's something, i just turned advanced blending on. it sortof fixed the menu problem, when it first loads it looks like the pic in the first screen. but a second or so later it finaly shows up once i move around in the menu... :(
Tried increasing off-screen drawing?
Tried increasing off-screen drawing?
Doesnt do crap, With alpha multipass, Mask bit, and Advanced Blending all checked. Off Screen drawing at any seting doesnt help that part of the menu, all it does is phase in and out then appear. i think its some sort of driver issue with my card
Raise your Framebuffer Texture level, it may help...
I've never had any problem with this game, except for the place where there was a huge polygon (but it was fixed in a later plugin version)
okkkay... finaly got that Elements menu working straight.. had to turn off mask bit to do it, with it on and with the settings had the way i did, if i tried to access the status menu epsxe would freeze. oO but atleast its working. heres the settings i used.

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