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hi i just tryed this emulator but when i try sving it says no memorycards where can i get 1? or how do i make1?
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Use ePSXe.
no ePSXe sucks i was trying to play dragon warrior on it but the game get blocked and the sceen flashes and crap. only with AdriPSX it workd fine.
I see...ensure that your files/directories are NOT read-only.
adripsx doesnt really make memory cards, technically it uses save states. i think it'd be better to help you with your problems with ePSXe/PSXeven/PCSX because they are more advanced emulators that support real memory card files (and disc changing...among other things). what problems are you having with those emulators?
didnt the memory card have to be enabled in adripsx coz whenever i started final fantasy, i had to press f2 or f3 or summat to get the memorycard to be read
yeah because it uses save states as memory cards
*cough* and *cough

seriously man, do you ever read the threads before you post in them?
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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