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memory problems

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I am trying to play Medal of Honour, which works great and looks great, I have created a memory card, and play the game no problem. I can save the game as I go along, but when I shut down I loose my saved games.

1. Am I shuting down correct, to dos command screen and Ctrl + C

2. If I Save State why are my mem bards not backed up.

When I go back and load state the memory card is at its original state, with game a 0%, and not to the saved level I was last at.

I have tried the help but not working, anyone who can help I would be greatful.

How do I shut down properly? when I play the game and save to memory card the saved games show, it when I shut down and start again that there are no saved games, why is this, and when I try and backup as suggested there is no temp mem card. HELP!!!
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Have you tried getting killed after loading your save state and then looking at the memory card at the save screen? Because it sounds to me like you don't know using save states changes the way memory cards work. If you save with a save state and then save to the memory card, the memory card is saved only in the save state, not the initial memory card.
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