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memory cards...

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hmmm... i wonder why's the programmer of AdriPSX didn't want to take seriously on fixing memory cards problems and those ADRIGUI.dll thingy, can it change? coz when I try to select memcard, its written, Adrigui.dll not set for this option ?????
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Here the author... ;)

If you ask me, I haven't put much of myself on Memory Cards, and even more now that SaveStates work so nicely.
Of course, I'll get this thing fixed, sooner or later, but I've been trying to take care of other matters (using the few spare time I have to work on the emu), like improving other aspects of compatibility, and fixing bugs.

Nowadays, in last release, memory cards works for some games (most CAPCON fighthing games, and others).

Please be patient.

Thanks :)

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1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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