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Memory Cards problem

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Hi guys, nice work on the emu!
Now im not new to these forums i come here regularly.

I have one problem with the emu. I can start the bios, everything works there. But when i click on "Browser" to see the memory cards i just get a black screen, like nothing happens. The emu does not freeze but it just sits there counting frames in black screen. So i havent been able to format the memory cards or even see them. My bios version is PAL 39001. Thanks for any help.
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Uncheck "Disable recompiler" and see if that works
Also 0 posts?? 0_o
Wow!!! thanks alot, not only did that solve the problem but my fps went from 15 to 40!
I dont know why it says 0 posts though :).
Thanks again!!!
Hehe yeah thats weird :p
Glad i could be of help
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