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I set up a different config for each game that I use with ePSXe. After figuring out what the optimum is, I assign two memcards, one for each slot. Usually I stick with the most compatible and leave it at that (Pete's gpu and cdr, internal SPU).

After about my 11th game--Vagrant Story--no game has been able to save. Vagrant Story, Legend of Mana, and Jade Cocoon have all failed to save, saying the memory card is not inserted properly. Or even worse, it saves a corrupted game that can't be loaded later, or even converted to use w/ another emulator. (THEN it says it's not properly inserted and fails to save again.)

My previous games all worked fine w/ memcards and still do. But none of these new ones do. I've switched plugins and BIOS to no avail. Any suggestions would be very welcome.
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