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memory card problem in legend of legaia...pls hlp

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i have this weird problem regarding memory cards in legend of legaia. i can save games to the mem cards but when i load it up, the recent save doesn't load up. instead it loads up a section in the game where i was on, ages ago.

does anyone experience this? or knows how to fix this problem?

i also made some changes to my registry. so does anyone know if epsxe store anything to the registry? maybe this caused the problem because i can save and load properly before i altered my windows registry. and this problem only came up after i made the change.
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Sounds like you're using Savestates. Read the ePSXe FAQ on this site to find out how memcards are affected by Savestates. In brief, you'll need to copy the temporary memcard files that are created in your memcard directory over top of the old memcard files whenever you use savestates. Read the FAQ for further details.
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