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First of all thanks to all of you for your handy contributions in this forum, I have come here often to seek out help with regards to the PCSX.

I have a problem with most likely a simple solution, but i just cannot figure it out.

I have suikoden II, and I want to load the old suikoden I data at the start of the game. I downloaded the save data for suiko 1 at gamefaqs. I went to my friends windows, converted all the .gme files to .mcr files, but at the load window, it refuses to acknowledge that the data is there!! Obviously i placed the files in the memory card folder.

I use a mac btw. Anyway, I'm at my end. Ive tried renaming the file to one of the automatically generated memory cards that come with it no avail, im stumped, and I just cannot figure it out.

Will someone please put me out of my misery?



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make sure you are using a real BIOS instead of the internal HLE bios, and the saves are the same version as your game (e.g., saves in PAL version cannot be used in NTSC version of the game).

btw, PCSX supports using .gme files directly and there is no need to "convert".
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