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Memory card formats

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I have a XPS save state. I want to use it in PCSX2. Unfortunately, it only supports the native PS2 memory card format. I can't hex edit it in, because the memory card format you guys use contains a few extra bytes every few (a checksum or date, maybe?)...
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XPS isn't a save state, it is a Gameshark Save Game for ps2. However, the emulator doesn't suppor that type of save, yet...
Thanks. Well I guess that's my request of the month then, for XPS save support. Or a utility to add it to a .PS2 memory card image, or something.
But why do you want that by now? I don't think you will be able to use it for some time...
I'm fascinated by the world of emulation I guess. I owned a PS2 till it busted (thank you San Andreas)... I was going to see if I could mess around with a few things, unlock a few features, and maybe even help development along a bit with some playtesting. It doesn't really help that I can't continue from where I left off :\
HUm... I guess that making a infinite money code would be easy (well, if the savegame aren't encripted...), but some of the things are hard. However, if you are an experienced person in that type of thing, I don't think it's THAT hard...
Well if I were to write a tool to import these, where would I get info on the header and those 16 oddball bytes that pop up at regular intervals? I'd be nice to get specs on the format. And once I got done, I'd send it out to the public of course.
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