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Memory Card Failure

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I am using the test 3 version of pcsx for Mac osx, and everything works wonderfully minus the fact that I can't load anything from my memory cards in final fantasy 8. I can save just fine, but it will not let me load any data. It gives me some sort of memory card check failed error. Is there anyway around this or is this a bug that needs to be fixed or what?
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Hello guys...i have a Problem with my PCSX emu for my mac....i cant save anything....ive tried 3 different games and still wont wave.....i went into my memory card folder and found two mem cards...but it says failure to check memory cards still....i am very welll veresed in the epsx emu but this is different....wat do i need to do????? can any one help me?? the games were FF8, Army men Team assult, and FF9
Avoid using savestates.
Ensure memory cards are not read-only.
ok...i made my memory card read and write...and there not in the saved not sure y but it still wont let me save? still need help...i never had this much trouble with epsxe
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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