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I say dance because it's going back and forth.

I just bought the original Suikoden on the PSN for PS3, however I can only play Suikoden II since PS3 can't run original Playstation games on ESPXE. My goal is to go through Suikoden I, II and III in sequence, however while I can do this already, I'd like for my save game files to carry over.

I've been doing research on how to get memory card files transferred around, however there are very few posts on how to get a PS3 save to ESPXE, the tools provided don't seem to work (at least the links do not).

If they would release Suikoden II on PSN this whole matter would be a lot simpler, but I'm certainly not holding my breath for any prompt release. Until then, is there anyone out there who can lend me a hand on this?
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