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Thanks to the PlayStation 2 Official Magazine-UK: Demo Disc I can save memcard saves from various games directly to the PCSX2 memory cards. Simply by booting the disc in PCSX2, and choosing from a menu full of saves.


This can come in extremely usefull.

Final Fantasy X [SCES 50490] (E)
This save is in the 'Cavern of the Stolen Faith'. Allows you to get directly in game, with no videos to worry about, and no long tedious intro. Access to:
Cavern of the Stolen Faith
Calm Lands
Battle Arena
All characters, battles shops get debugging (see my FFX thread!!)

Final Fantasy X-2 [SLES 51815] (E)
Simply allows you to start a new game plus, not overly usefull, but when (if) FFX-2 ever gets in game, you will be able to wow the public with your fantastic collection of costumes!!

Gran Turismo 3 A-Spec [SCES 50294] (E)
All cars and tracks unlocked according to the magazine, though given the current state of emulation not so sure yet ;)

Gran Turismo 4 Prologue [unknown] (E)

Don't have the game, so don't have a reference AAAA ##### number, aparently this save un-locks everything.

Kingdom Hearts [unknown] (E)

Kingdom Hearts Coliseum Lobby - Game Completed, tell me if this works on non (E) / (UK) games ;)

Please Note: The AAAA ##### number and region is only a guideline, these may work with other regions, but until someone tests that, I can not be sure...more comming soon :D

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Need for Speed Underground 2

All modes / tracks etc unlocked.

Onimusha 2 [SLES 50978] (E)

Piles of game goodies unlocked, start abit into the game.

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Thanks to the Onimusha 2 save I was able to bypass the bug that's been stopping it for ages, and go in-game!!!!!!!! Playable.

So thats FFX, and Onimusha 2 that now go in-game thanks to these little memcards ;)
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