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Well during all your fights in fighting games . What were the matches you'll never forget (Becasue you made very good/very bad/strange event/etc.)

Well there are many here , but I'll mention some ;)

1) A week or so ago , I was playing KOF 2001 on level 4 . And then I was playing against Yagami's team . My team consisted of : Kyo , Ryo , Iori and Shingo as a striker . Kyo easily defeated Ramon and Vanessa , unfortunatly i lost to Iori :( (that's because Kyo's health was low) . Anyway Ryo got in , Iori had about 1/4 health . The match ended in 1 second !!! I simply rolled the running iori and made the 2qcf+P DM . Ok The timer was reading 59 ;) . A fast perfect . (Medium : Keyboard , Neoragex)

2) In Garou , I played against a guy with freeman and i was playing with Gato . I was practicing a combo i've seen a video for . And it was still tie 1round for 1 round . On that last round i told my opponent i will only try to make this combo (for a challenge , while i've never succeded to make it then) Anyway he was going to win a perfect here , even my health was about to end . When the starting combo move got him . qcb+k , f+b , 2qcf+b , then quickly f+d , 2qcf+b (that's 2 repetitive dms) . These were 16 hits they didn't kill him though :( . But never mind i won the challenge :p . He simply slashed me with free man after it . But now I can make this combo anytime . (Medium : 2 players on Keyboard , Neoragex)

3) Kof 98 : Sometimes when i leave kof98 for a while , i return worse :( . Anyway , i stopped playing it for a while , then i returned back and was training to get my original level again . I was playing single play with 5 rounds to win on level 8 with Ryo . In the 5th match (not counting Shingo's) I played against Yashiro . This match is great , I like it much . I won the first round he won the second . then ...
Round 1 : Ryo
Round 2 : Yashiro
Round 3 : Ryo
Round 4 : Yashiro
Round 5 : Ryo
Round 6 : Yashiro
Round 7 : Yashiro
Round 8 : Ryo
Now , who wins this round will win all . We got a draw game :p
And I've seen the "final" round for the first time in my life in kof . But this time i won ;) . (medium : Keyboard , Neoragex)

4) KOF98 : Me and some online friends decided to make a league with the 5 of us . Anyway Most of the guys were amateurs except me and another guy . We were playing single play with 5 rounds to win . And then Me and the other guy won all our matches and then we had to play against each other . I picked Ryo and he picked Chang !!!! That was hard really , He won the first 4 rounds in a row . But after that i won the other 5 in a row too :p . I've always thought that Chang players are cheap , but that guy proved me that Chang can be a respected fighter . He was playing with Chang in a professional way , better than anyone i've seen . (Medium : Keyboard , WinKawaks , Kaillera servers)

5) One day , I've thought I'm a good SFA3 player . That's because I can win The arcade version without losing any round . I played it with some players through Kaillera , and i won . I thought i was good .
One day , I Accepted a challenge from a member here in SFA3 .
Well , I'll tell you something . Till now i'm playing with him from time to time . But the first time i played with him was the best . I picked Akuma , and he Picked Akuma both A-ism . I won the 1st round then he reseted the game :p . He picked Ryu and i picked Akuma . He won the 1st round and then i won the second and in the 3rd one we were both having low health , means anyone who gets touched by any move or even low puches/kicks will be dead . We were on the far opposite sides of the screen , He made the shinku-hadouken Super special . I should have jumped over it , but i got confused and defended , so i died :( . Cheap ? Nah , i won';t say that , i could've jumped it .
Why do I remember this match ? Because I learnt many things from it . One of them is , if i can win with a similar move and be cheap , i'll do that move :p . another thing , If you can finish any fighting game without losing rounds and wining perfects , etc. it doesn't mean you are good :p .
As I've said above that was the best time i've played with him . That guy is much better than me in SFA3 , he rocks really . Sometimes i train SFA3 to defeat him next time i see him , but then i lose . May be i need more practice (i'm playing kof/garou more than sfa3 much ) . (Medium : Keyboard , Winkawaks , Kaillera servers)

What about your memorable matches ?

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in the game guilty gear XX i faught with the angel/devil girl (cant remember the names LOL) agains the golden midget (elf like.. :D) in the mission game and i won on the last second with a realy small amount of health.. i remember the fight because it was waaaaaaaaay above my level at the time (medium level - the game level.. not mine :D).

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I've had alot over the years... some of the more recent ones I remember are from Guilty Gear X in survival mode. Those high level challenges against the gold costume guys are really freakin' intense... and it takes really long just to get to that point. I HATE Gold Faust at level 70... Gold Zato on level 99 is crazy... Gold Johnny on 120 is crazy too, and Gold Sol on 140... geez, I played that game waaaaayyy too much.

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Well not really a fighting match but i was playing Worms Armageddon with 4 friends and on the first move a friend of mine picks the banana bomb and accidentaly trows it in the air right on top of his worms, well next thing all of his worms are flying around he loses on the first round dealing little damage to other players. Then he just stends up and walks away, that was quite a sight with everybody laughing at him.

The other one was yesterday a friend of mine comes to my place and starts a match of Street Fighter 3 2nd Impact on the DC, well he picks Ibuki and fights against Yun then he starts screaming "You wanna piece of me" while freneticaly pressing the low kick button you could imagine what it looked like, no need to say that he was beaten to death.

A couple of years ago we were playing plain ol' Half Life, i can't remember the map name but i do remember that you could call an air strike on that map. So i was standing in one of the buildings near a window and i saw some commotion in another building that was at my right, so i pick up that laser weapon, charge it and shoot inside that building, next thing i hear as a scream from my friend in the other room (it was a lan game) yelling "what tha heck was that", i was very proud that day, becouse of the ricoshet frag.

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some time ago, a Counter strike 1.5 no some lan server... that f**ing cheaters, camper which I can't stand, quit after about 15 minutes of playing, and than people ask me why I don't like CS, lamers (I guess I have this 'luck' to play with those :p)

few days ago a friend came to me, we were suppoused to make a web page but then I have shown him Chankast, first street fighter 3d strike than we started to spaar in Soul calibur, what a button masher my friend is :p he actually won few rounds, than I took Kilik (power of a stick RLZ :D) and his happines has ended :p, tomorrow he probably will come to me again (web page U know :p) and I think we're gonna have rematch :D
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