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I got this game Makai Kingdom (USA)...
As it loads it asks for memcard formating...
No matter what is my choise after it the gam hangs...
Is there a way to disable memcard???
Or what should I do to get past it???
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Ohh got it...
Ahh and now the game runs perfect...
Should I post screenshots or something?
yes the framerate is excellent and good graphic enjoy

i got this game 2 but i cant play it for the same reason....well i didnt get how to solve it :D so plz tell me what to do

Thanks alot
First off, change your cdvd plugin to CDVDnull. Then go to File->Run CD, and you will go to the bios. After a few moments, choose Browse, and then you will see the memcards. Chose any memcard, and it will ask you if you want to format it. Chose "yes" (or something like that). After that format the other memcard. Now close the emu (after it has finished), go back and change your plugin to the one you had before, and play your game.
ok it worked

Thanks alot for ur help :)

i will post screenshots l8r
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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