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Now that pcsx2 works pretty well with Tekken 5, I believed it was playable enough for me to finish the game with all characters. Enjoy!

Attached is a memcard file with:

Tekken 5:
Game finished in story mode with all characters (including Eddy and Kuma)
All arenas unlocked (Final Stage 2 is the one with the highest FPS rate)

~1,500,000G fight money

Tekken 4:
Game finished with all original characters, all characters are unlocked.

Recommended settings for hi-res and high fps play:
PCSX2 newest svn
Gsdx newest svn
Pixel Shader 3.0
Native res > screen res (for no vertical stripes use 1270x1270 - I prefer to have the stripes but with an ultra-high res)
filtering enabled
for Tekken5: Devil Within use DX10 on native res
Peops SPU2 newest svn, thread mode disabled
VU Skip for Tekken 5, Limit for Tekken 4.
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