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Memcard saves plz

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Could sum1 give me an in-game save of breath of fire 5 and full metal alchemist and the broken angel at the beginning and then plz tell me how to use them. lol
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There is a thread here with saves (although they aren`t in memcards, but it is explained there how you can put them in memcards). It`s here. Also, you should know that those games don`t work at all with pcsx2.
have a few memory card questions as well.
1.How to convert .ps2 memcard back onto your real ps2 memory card without hooking cables and such? can stuff like AR max help you do that ?

2.Is there a way to draw out a particular game save from your pcsx2 memory card ( .ps2 files ) and convert it for use in your real ps2 ? ( like indirectly by converting it to .max format first?_
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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