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There has been freaking long since the last version of MegaPad, the 1.3.3.

It's time for a new version; it will be neither 1.3.4, nor 1.4.0. It'll be 2.0.0. Why?

Because it has been entirely rewritten. It was freaking horribly coded, which was the cause of loads of bugs (mostly crashes). And also I dropped SDL. The new version uses DirectInput instead, mainly because I want to implement force feedback, but also because I'm bored of all these n00bs telling "it says it couldn't find sdl.dll what must i do pleazzze?".

IMPORTANT! However, the real 2.0.0 isn't finished. The version released here is a beta. That's why it lacks some features like force feedback.
If you experience any problems using it, feel free to report them here ! (BTW, that's what the beta is for)

Download the plugin here and enjoy :)
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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