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I have this game for a long time and never tried it with an emu before.
yesterday I decide to give megaman a touch of filtering using ePSXe, here's the exact config:

pete's OGL 1.50
pete's CDR 1.5
pete's Dsound 1.10

all sound options are on(XA game, XA CD,etc)

when I start the game, all functions are green, exact speed, exact sound, exactly PERFECT if I may add.

and after some in-game charaters conversations, the weirdest thing happens... the sounds are advancing the in-game graphics, not lagging behind it! :eek: the sound already complete it cycle before the mouth even start to blab

and after sometime, it even advancing further making the lag between the scene and the sound further(the sound being first)

I already tried accurate CD-rom timing, tried internal SPU, IORI's 1.43, clone the CD, but the lagging always happens.... I wonder if this is an emu problem? :confused:

here's my spec:
Cely [email protected]
geForce 2 GTS
128 Megs
yamaha Xondius-XG
Sony 48X
Toshiba 24X(the drive which I use to run emu)

p.s. forgot to add that the sound runs at regular speed, not faster, I think it doesn't recognised pausing, and the sounds are XA(forgot the XA CD or XA game, i think it's the latter, because the cut scene's are using in-game engine)
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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