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megaman battle network 5: team of colonel problem

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Im playing the game and when I gain zenny it either decreases my ammount of money or stays at 100 (the starting money)
what is the problem? I searched but couldn't find any IPS patch.
help would be appreciated.
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hehe, if I used cheats I would have just done the infinite money cheat right? ;)
using 1.7.2
my friend had the same problem (dont know his version) so he used cheats.. im not trying to do the same. just started the game.
Err, the starting money is 0, and I tried to gained zenny without any problem.
Are you reading the HP value instead of the Zenny (HP are on screen, zenny can only be seen in the start menu) ???...
oh my god :X
I feel like such a retard -.-
I guess my friend told me he had the problem and I thought it will be to me too.
sorry lol.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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