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Mega Man ZX (and ZXA) Slowdown at 0 frameskip: Trying to get rare sprites

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I use the latest stable release version of DeSmuMe (0.9.4 x86 version).

There's a sprite animation I want to try and capture the sprite animation at normal speed with perfect gameplay quality by utilizing the "View OAM" in the Tools menu. It's like you're playing the game at 60 FPS. However, because of the slow playback (averaging about 42 ~ 44 FPS, which means slow in a player's eyes), I can't fully capture it at normal speeds.

Should I report a feature request/bug about this one? (Even though, for the bug report, I don't know how to do that.)

This isn't about recording all of the sprite animation to a movie, or an AVI file. I'm just using MS Paint, PrtSc (Print Screen) button on the keyboard, a program used for capturing many animations, and Flash MX to try and get all of the rare animations of a sprite and make it happening at a decent rate. This is for private use only.
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I dont understand why there would be any problem with this. When desmume runs slow at 40fps it is still rendering every single frame unless youve turned on frameskip. You should be seeing every sprite anim. You know, you can pause the emulator and use the frame advance key (N by default) to advance through the frames one by one.
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