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Note: Some spoilers ahead.

Mega Man Zero 4 takes place after the events of Mega Man Zero 3. Dr. Weil is terrorizing both the Reploid and Human population at Neo Arcadia. A journalist named Neige and a group of humans had enough with Dr. Weil’s iron fisted rule and decide to flee. It up to the red armored Zero to protect the humans. The storyline takes a look at the human perspective of the Reploid resistance against Neo Acadia. The story unfolds showing the prejudice and selfishness of the human race.

The basic game play is the same as previous games. There’s a new weapon called the Z-Knuckle that allows you to grab the enemies’ weapons from them. For example, if an enemy is armed with a rocket launcher you can grab the rocket launcher and use this weapon. Unfortunately while there’s a new weapon in the game many of the previous weapons like the triple rod and boomerang have been cut out. You can only use three weapons in this game – the saber, pistol and Z-Knuckle. The firepower from the weapons you receive from Z-Knuckle isn’t very strong; you end up relying on the saber and pistol as your primary weapons.

The Cyber-elf system has been simplified. Instead of raising different elves, you get only one elf that you have to level up to use its powers. To compensate for the lack luster elf system, the game introduces recipes which you can use to create new chips for Zero’s body. The ingredients for the recipes can be attained from enemies’ parts, which are dropped when you killed them.

The game introduces a weather control system that can make levels easier or harder to play. For example if you set the weather to be cold and snowy, spikes are covered with snow making it easier to walk on the ground.

While the in game sprites are pretty much the same are the previous games, the anime cut scenes are very beautiful. The music isn’t too good; it’s a little generic for me.

Capcom must have realized that too many gamers were throwing their Gameboy Advance out the window because of the frustrating difficulty of the Mega Man Zero games. In Mega Man Zero 4 there’s an easy mode for casual gamers who just want to complete game for the storyline.

In easy mode:

1) Zero takes less damage from enemies and bosses.
2) Bosses are easier to beat.
3) There are fewer tough enemies on levels.
4) Spikes don’t kill Zero with one hit.
5) Zero can’t die from falling from a bottomless pit.
6) The Cyber-elf is fully matured at the beginning of the game.
7) The weather system is automatically set for the best conditions for each level.
8) Zero receives two sub tanks to fill up his health bar.
9) Enemies drop health items most of the time.

The easy mode is a welcome addition for those gamers who don’t want to be tearing out their hair at the tough levels of previous Mega Man Zero games.

There is one translation aspect of the American version that I am disappointed with. The Japanese voice introduction and the Japanese singing ending have been cut out. All we get is the background music. This is a huge letdown for me.

Overall Mega Man Zero 4 is a good addition to the Zero storyline, but it’s not the best game in the Zero series. Mega Man Zero 4 lacked the custom options that were in the previous Zero games. I give Mega Man Zero 4 a score of 3.5/5. Personally in terms of game play, I thought Mega Man Zero 3 was the best. Given the sad open-ended storyline from Mega Man Zero 4, it’s a safe bet there will be Mega Man Zero 5.


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i liked the game, a lot. mostly because it did something that ive been missing in mega man games for a while: create a lot of fun and beautifull stages to play in.
in most recent mmx games its always been the same, you wanna earn some money, try to decide in which stage and realize that one stage sucks, the other is hardly a real stage, same for the next one, and out of all the stages there is there are about 1 or 2 fun stages that youd like to run through more then once. now in mmz4 i liked all stages very much and that is why i had more fun then in previous games, even though the upgrade-system is crap this time around.
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