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Mega Man Zero 3

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I finished off Mega Man Zero 3 on Wednesday night. The storyline seems to be more developed compared to the first and second one. There’s one surprising revelation about Zero himself and his past.

The Zero menu system got tweaked. Instead of gaining experience for the use of each weapon, Zero can now use different body chips to enhance his body. For example Zero can have the option of using the double jump foot chip, which allows him to jump twice in mid air.

The chain rod from the second game has been replaced by the recoil rod, which is a sort of a nightstick weapon which can push enemies and items away. When pressing down and full charged, the recoil rod can be used to reach high ledges.

You can now reuse cyber-elves though out the whole game now. Before, when you use the cyber-elves they die off after one use. You can load up to the maximum to two cyber elves and use them as satellites hovering around you providing aid. For my own use I had a cyber elf dropping health points and another cyber elf as an offensive weapon.

Overall Mega Man Zero 3 is a nice challenging addition to the Zero series.
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i played that game a while back. i really liked it. i used the same elf that droped health pints but it wouldnt do it!! and i think there was a bug in the level up system.. you could level up an elf for all eternety..

i liked the recoil rod but the chain one is waaaay better. i liked those jumps. :)
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