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Mednafen is a nes, pc engine, gb, gba and atari lynx emulator for linux and windows. Changes:

Added code to allow for writing to SDL framebuffers directly, without using OpenGL, controlled with the command-line option "-vdriver".
-vdriver 0 = OpenGL
-vdriver 1 = SDL framebuffer(bilinear interpolation and Lynx screen rotation are not available).
Lynx: Disabled the crude(as in, non-working) stereo sound support, and added a low-pass filter to make the sound sound much closer to what comes out of a real Lynx.
PCE: Adjusted the visible horizontal display area, and overscan, in the 7 and 10MHz dot clock modes.
PCE: Expanded the visible vertical display area by 8 pixels(4 on top, 4 on bottom).
PCE: Altered VDC timing agaaaain.
PCE: Block memory transfers now take 5 cycles(read, write, alter source, alter dest, decrement length?) per byte transferred instead of 6. Fixes "Wonder Momo".
PCE: Altered HuC6280 instruction timing slightly(removed the tests for indirect indexed and indexed indirect addressing modes to use extra CPU cycles).
PCE: Corrected a timer emulation bug, fixes "Dragon Egg"'s tempo.
PCE: Increased the number of cpu cycles per scanline from 454 to 455, based on tests I performed.
GB/GBC: A sound enable register is now initialized properly on reset, fixing at least one unlicensed game.
Lynx: Disabled the superclipping code, as it's buggy(causes bad sprite clipping and invisible mountains(OHNOS) in Steel Talons) and doesn't appear to be necessary.
The mouse cursor is now hidden.
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