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MediEvil Crash/Freeze on Level 4

I have the PAL version of MediEvil and have made an image file of it in order to run it on epsxe, which works, for a bit. I can get to the fourth level, hilltop mausoleum, but it crashes before beginning that level. I am aware this is common and believe it's the fault of the copy protection and can be fixed easily with the use of a playstation patch file but can't seem to find one. :(
If I can sort this with a PPF where can I find the one I'm looking for? If not, what can I do to fix this?
Hi, I also own the PAL version and no matter what patch I tried to use I could find no workaround to get The Hilltop Mausoleum to work on ePSXe, however after switching to Duckstation, a better emulator in my opinion, I ran into the same problem but this guys video legit helped me out, I thought it was impossible to play the PAL English version unless it's straight off a CD Rom, but nope, if you follow his video you will be able to play PAL MediEvil with an iso file. :D
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