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I think if you are seriously upset with this, I'd target my anger at weapon companies and governments instead. You may want to look into your insurance company, bank and retirement funds as well, seeing how those are commonly investing money in dodgy warfare funds and weapon companies because of the high profitability.

You have a point yeah. It was also one of my worries that they'd probably make it a glorification of the American army while portraying the people there as helpless poppy seed producers who all hate the help they are offered out of the goodness of the hearts of western politicians.... I sincerely hope it will be more representative than the news we get to see on this topic :)
Yeah, profit... I know, I just wish the video game industry didn't make an use - even from far, far away - of 'real' war.
(well of course, COD and MoH aren't first in this, there was a handful of games in the 80/90s directly referring to Viet Nam and Gulf War without the slightest reserve or criticism)

I'm not passing a judgement on the war itself, I'm not there to see what happens exactly. Some terrible things are inevitable, many just should'nt be, but I can tell at least that this is no 'game'.

"Reality: worst game ever." like the demotivator says. :dead:

I'll stop there with the morals, but - who knows - maybe the game makers will read this. Just wanted to tell them "this is not funny".
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