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Measuring graphic card memory

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im sorry, but do u know of any small programs capable of measuring graphic card RAM? if possible even not requiring instalation. Cause maybe BCM diagnostics is not working properly...
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what do you mean measure the graphics cards RAM?
I mean measuring its RAM ;)
lol, imagine i have a Riva TNT 2 ultra 32 MB. Well, i wanna see if its really working at 32 MB (cause i think it ist :D )

Im using BCM diagnostics, but theire kinda old :D
so, if u know of some prog lol, plz tell me ;)
A good all round dignostics program would be sandra. You can get it from
thks, i have it on a cd, ill install it now :)
well, according to "the powers that be", anything over 16mb of ram in an AGP graphics card is not nessisary... but i guess with the introduction to DDR ram onboard in videocards and what not that even an AGP 4x bus (266mhz) might become a bottle neck when transfering textures from system memory..
in other words, emulation sucks w/ a 4 MB card :D
u must b tired of my problems ehehe :p
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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