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As the somewhat not so proud owner of all 3 Mass Effect titles, it pained me greatly to witness the ending of Mass Effect 3.
Having absolutely nothing to do with any choice made throughout the entire course of the 3 games, the three endings are just a horrible sight to see, contradicting everything the hero stood for, offering no information on the fates of countless souls stranded throughout the galaxy with no way of communicating with one another or a chance of ever seeing their home world again...these are just a few of the dozens of complaints us gamers have against the game's conclusion!
Sure the writers in Bioware are allowed to do whatever they feel like since it is their project, but after hearing all their promises and watching all the CGI trailers it feels like a robbery in broad day light!
I assume that some of you have heard by now about the rally that raises funds for charity in an attempt to get the company's attention and force them to reconsider the ending and craft a DLC that can change it or at least fill in some of the way-too-many new plot-holes it left behind.
Personally I found it a little comforting to see someone giving voice to a thought I might have never had the courage to express or fight for, and I hope I'm not the only one who feels this way.
As for those calling us whining little kids - I'm not whining and certainly not a kid, and have the right to express displeasure and even anger when a beloved piece of art gets demolished the way it did.
But, there was another article that caught my attention.
In that article there were pointed out several facts that might explain the utterly bizarre and uncharacteristic ending of the game:
1-The blurry edges of the screen that suggest of shock and extreme pain as you progress through the final portion of the game after encountering Harbinger also resemble those that mark a dream.
2-The fact that you got inside the teleporter alone and yet Anderson and the Illusive Man were already far ahead of you on the other side.
3-What the hell was Normandy doing mass-jumping somewhere and not helping with the fight, how did it get to Charon so fast, and with the entire crew as well, crashing conveniently on a planet with breathable air and green vegetation, with the same people that you had with you when Harbinger attacked?
4-The kid from the beginning of the are the only one who saw him in the air duct and just before the shuttles took off and got blown up - and the AI on the Citadel had his image without saying a word about taking a form more comfortable for you to understand.
5-If played right and completely done, the game presents a short cutscene with Shepard's shoulder visible in some rubble.
Suddenly it moves, you hear a gasp for air and the screen cuts to black.
There are a lot more facts that beg the question - was the entire ending sequence, beginning with you blacking out and Harbinger leaving and ending with one of the three available cut scenes for real, or was it a hallucination caused by the severe injuries from Harbinger's attack?

Any comment, as long as it is in clean language, is highly welcome!
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