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MDEC slight prob,you pros can help prolly

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ok so get this,My MDEC's play perfectly Speed wise,but my sound cuts in and out in GT2 on the opening FMV for the arcade disc,FF9 however runs awesomly and the sound is also perfect!
so is this a slight setting or just a thing I'll have to live with(like GT runnin this fast is a hassel)
The music in GT2 also cuts in and out constantly
could it be my cheap-o sound card,my bet but I dont have any more money after the rest of my systems specs where aquired
ha I need to shut up before I get a bomb in the mail from one of the less fortunate EPSXE goers,But I wokred hard for this system!
the first time ever having a decent to good system!
if ya can help pleze! if not,oh well thanks for readin my post!

T-bird 1.33Ghz's
512MB mushkin DDR PC2100
IWILL KA266 motherboard
Hercules Geforce 2 ultra
Cheap sound card(Analog devices AD1816A)money was tight so I
used this cheap POS
Samsung SM 308 Combo drive CD-RW/DVD 8x8x8x32
2x Seagate Cheeta 36LP 36.7GB running raid

The drive streams these games so smooth and fast it's like an ISO at times without the HD space usage

EPSXE 1.2.0


Pete's OGL 1.50 (have the unfiltered Mdec thingie turned off cause it's way to fast with it off and the movie is done well before the sound is played) 1600x1200x32 60FPS limit,solid as a rock
Texture quality-R8 G8 B8 A8
Cacheing type -dynamic
Use FPS limit-enabled
off-screen drawing -enhanced
framebuffer textures-GFX card buffer
Special game fixes-Textured window alighnment/G4 polygon cache

Null2's Audio driver 1.3 SPU IRQ hack enabled,and it works great!
attributes 44100hz,16bit
buffer lenght 40
block 5
reverse L/R enable VAG stream
linear interpolation
enable tone-cach

EPSXE's CDR ASPI core 1.0.1(enable accurate CD-ROM timing enabled

Anything else????
whew all that typing and I could have been playing FF9 or GT2 or something and barely noticing the messed up sound in the MDEC/music in GT2
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since you got the game working........ just make sure you enabled: disable cd rom timing and disable real time cd rom timing.... Try the internal spu........ Try different cd rom pluggins........ with your specs it should run great..... of couse it could be your sound card too...... I have a sb live xgamer and the mdec music is almost perfect in GT2 on both disks.......
I had the same problem but then i disabeled XA Read and it worked perfect!
Well hmm
the disable XA read was a bad suggestion man,no sound at all
the disable realtime CD-ROM status thing was also a bust,still has audio breakup
but oh well,forget about it,I mean the opening Mdec isnt much and it runs at least as fast as the PSX,seems a little faster actually
but the game is what matters,thanks for your time fella's
Try the ePSXe core SPU, it always gave me way better sound than null's did in GT2.
yup, Null's craps out on a lot of mdec's for me (Plays a second, stops a second, plays a second, etc) the internal SPU is perfect though on Mdec's, if only they were combined :p
Totally off topic but how r u running RAID on only two Drives? Or do you have more volumes?
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