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I've fought with these bugs on EVERY GPU there is out there.
I can only conclude that the problem isn't with the plugins.

Common problems:

MDEC's playing correctly but the GPU information and screens being corrupted after the MDEC plays.

MDEC's sound only comes through gray screen shown, GPU information is corrupted afterwards.

MDEC's Display corrupted information initially then nothing no sound no MDEC. GPU information sometimes is corrupted afterward.

I've tried 4 different Soft GPU's each will eventually have one or all of these problems. since my display card doesn't support D3d it's hard to test this. However all the GPU's worked fine with the same games prior to ePSXe 1.4.0 thus must be something to do with ePSXe 1.4.0.

Oh well looks like I need to down grade too.

well if i read your system specs right you have a voodoo card which means that it would be considerably faster using petes ogl or lewpy's glide

Voodoo cards work best w/Lewpy's plugin, since it is a glide plugin.
Pete's plugins work w/DX and OGL which GEForce cards, Riva Cards, and many other cards work best with. Voodoo cards do not work well w/OGL or DX. So, Lewpy's is for Voodoo, Pete's is for all others.
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