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1. I can't see in game cinamatic in Disc 2 of FF8, I try to use epsxecutor to enable MDEC but no use, it still doesn't work, and it run at disgusting 5 fps.

2. I enable MDEC in my registry by regedit, but no use, running with MDEC enable, my epsxe run at 5fps, without it, it run at 50fps *I use frame limit to 50, coz with out frame limit, my game run crazy at 600+fps* and when I disable MDEC in registry, the game again, runs back to normal.
so anyone know if there is a fix to it?

also, I tried to run FF8 in VGS1.4 VGS1.41, the graphic look so shit, and it had black border on top and bottom screen. I use pete's videographic fix for VGS and it still look shit, when it compare to epsxe ofcoz. anyone know anyway to treak it?
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