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MDEC bug with Null2's SPU ver 1.35??

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I just upgraded my SPU plugin and now, only in MDEC's, the sound goes on and off every second. Is this a bug, or a settings problem? I am using Pete's 1.48 OpenGL plugin with "Fast" settings (Have also tried "Nice" settings", and Null's 1.35 plugin with nothing checked on the bottom and the Buffer Length = 50, Block = 5 (I tired 20/10 and 100/2 to lower and increase my Interval, but still have the problems). I also tried checking "use reverb" and "enable VAG"

I have SB Live Value and a GeForce2MX video card with the latest available drivers.

This ONLY happens with Final Fantasy Tactics.
FFT works fine with 1.34
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This is a known bug in Null2's v1.35.
Use v1.34
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