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MBM has detected lots of sensors, many more than in my old A7V8x-x.
Now i dont know who is what.
Can you guys give me a hand here?

-Sensor Chip Selections-

Possible Temp Sensors[0] : Asus 1
Possible Temp Sensors[1] : Asus 2
Possible Temp Sensors[2] : Asus 2 (CUSL2)
Possible Temp Sensors[3] : Asus 3
Possible Temp Sensors[4] : Asus 4
Possible Temp Sensors[6] : LM84-8 (local)
Possible Temp Sensors[7] : LM84-8 (remote)
Possible Temp Sensors[8] : MAX1617-6 (local)
Possible Temp Sensors[9] : MAX1617-6 (remote)
Possible Temp Sensors[10] : MAX1617-7 (local)
Possible Temp Sensors[11] : MAX1617-7 (remote)
Possible Temp Sensors[13] : W83L785TS-S
Possible Temp Sensors[14] : W83L785TS-S Diode

I know that ASUS 1 is for Processor, ASUS 2 is for Chipset, W83L785TS-S Diode is for CPU Diode. Sensor ASUS 4 reports some acceptable reading.
The others show 0 or -1.
And its reading diferently them ASUS Probe and Everest, about the FAN speeds.
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