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Max Payne [SLES 50325] (E)

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Beta Date: 09.05.05
Conditions Tested Under:

plugins 09.05.05
except from:
spu2peops 25.12.04
cdvdpeops 20.04.05
PadSSSPSX 08.05.05
VUREC works, messed up character

Against last test:
graphics appear in the right part of VRAM
2D pix in menus are missing with GSDX9
LOg reads loads of:
*PCSX2*: warning size(4) > 0 after unpack

Patches used:
gametitle=Max Payne [SLES50325] (E)
comment=load ELF MAIN_P.RUN manually!
//multi-ELF fix

Status Playable
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1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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