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I don't know about what's written elsewhere but according to the Emuforums FAQ what you're doing is considered as spam.
Originally Posted by FAQ
Below is a list of examples of topics that we consider as being spam:

* User posted advertisements
I did not advertise EC, I merely linked to it for polling purposes. You are not obligated to sign up in order to vote, so there is no specification of recruiting.
* Scams or cons
This is legitament research I'm attempting. EC has no scams.
* Flaming other members
I am not flaming anyone with this thread.
* Posting for the sole purpose of increasing your postcount
I have no intention of increasing my post count. Just look at my posts.
* Multiple posts & threads
my posts are unique and not copied multiple times here.
* Complaint threads. (Use private messaging if you have a complaint.)
What complain except the accusation of spam is there here?
* Incoherent posts.
You get the gist.
* "I'm leaving" posts.
I only post this under the appropreiate designated thread.
BTW: If it's fun and interesting... Please POST it. We like a laugh as much as the next guy

Now that we just reloved yet another dilemma. Are you gonna stop accusing me of spamming/advertising? And are you going to accept that EC is NOT a competitor of any emu-site and is made mainly for research purposes?

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Aight, I wanted to write up this big post to explain why I'm closing this thread (you know, the bigger the post, the more people take you seriously and all) but I don't think it's worth the effort and I'm very tired right now.

Mdkcheatz, unfortunatly I'll have to ask you to stop linking to EmuCraze ALL THE TIME. It is against our forum rules and we can't just start making exceptions for no reasons. I don't mind the occasionnal "sourcing" to a story on another website, heck we've linked to stuff from Emulation64, Emutalk, etc. in the past. However it was never the author (and creator of the website) pushing the story.

Finally, a poll is the last thing I would use to try and promote a website.... The forum has a polling feature and it does the job very well. I don't see why you didn't use that. People wouldn't have to leave Emuforums and you would still get the statistics you are looking for.

Enough is enough, my post is getting already to long. If anyone has comments/rants/issues/anything, feel free to send me a PM. But I don't want to see threads being created because of this. Thanks.
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