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Mario power tennis don't work from 3878!!

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Hi all i don't speak very well because i'm italian!! But some days ago i get mairo power tennis for GC and also for Wii!! But at the beginning they don't work!! In the wii version I see only black screen and the game don't start!! In the GC version I see only the first image and freeze! Does anyone know how to get work it?? I tried all configuration but nothing! Can anyone tell me his configuration to get this game work? I'm very sorry for my orrible english!!
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don't worry i understand and my english is pretty basic too, because i speak spanish XD
but for your problem, if you are using the PAL version of the GC game, maybe this is the problem, try the NTSC one if you can get this!

Thank you for the answer!! Yes I use the PAL version of both wii and gc version! When I get the NTSC version I tell you if they work! :)
Nothing!!! with 3878 and 3903 it don't work also NTSC version! It start and freeze immediatly!! I see only the first screen in which the game ask me to enable progressive scan mode! and freeze at this point!!!:( Can anyone help me please? Does anyone know the right settings for this game with this revision?
i have the same problem
i still waiting for solution
It's not just mario power tennis, some other games are doing it too. Black screening and only having sound, like super paper mario.
Just use an older revision.
I know, just saying that it would be nice of they could fix some stuff in the newer revisions. There's been a decent amount of the fix one thing break another pattern going on, and after some stuff is broken it often doesn't get fixed for a long time is the thing. Like how it hasn't been possibly to turn off anti-alias properly for nearly over 1500 revisions, and the resolution of some games aren't shown properly- for example 'Mr. Driller Drill Land' which uses a resolution of 640x448. I just report it in hopes of the emulator being improved is all, not complaining.
what was the last revision it worked?
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