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I playing MP2 in window 640*480 mode........
Few min it just hang
What happen ???
BTW text is hard to read for many games too........
How you setting text to easy to read ???
I am new for N64 emulation

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Hi Enigma,
well, I've read in the new pj64's rom database that mario party 2 is playable, just put the options like that in the rom settings (options>settings>rom settings) after having loaded the rom.

RDRAM Size=4
Counter Factor=1
Save Type=First Save Type
CPU Type=Recompiler
Self-modifying code Method=Protected Memory
Use TLB=Yes
Reg Cache=Yes
Use Large Buffer=No

Also, set the geometry transformation to "internal" and tick the "force normal blending" box too (that will fix the texts, and try to tick it in other games where you have similar problems; it might help)

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