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mario paint snes

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anyone figure how to config this game to play on an emulator? since it had its own mouse pad etc..if so can you tell me how?
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...And then man invented fire, the wheel, and then soon came also consoles.
I think our friend google remembers, as do he things such as.. snes9x, zsnes and a few more.
But more helpful is he to those who fancy reading,
learning through the practice of holy and secret grails of wisdom such as: documentation and manuals.
Be brave :)
meh. with all due respect i thought this forum was designed to help i wouldnt have come here without going through that process.
I did not mean to be an hard ass, but most SNES-emulators has had mouse-emulation, and for a very long time. In most cases it is just there in the settings, explained in the readme or manual, or found out by google.
My point was that you should have seen it quite clearly in the emulator you used, or tried one of the most successful ones.

As Cid kindly pointed out it is easy to find, just search and read.
I mean, why would you read some elses directions if you do not want to read the actual documentation of the emulator, or it's menu-choices and settings.

Personally i recommend ZSNES and Snes9x, in that order.

Anyways, good luck to you. :)
1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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