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No$gba CANNOT play this since it has too many piracy checks.

I did some little experimenting and found this.

To play Mario & Luigi RPG 3 without the crashes to to download

Desmume 0.9.2 You can find it here: *snip*

Then Download WinDSPRO.
You can find it here *snip*

Install WinDSPRO. After that open up Desmume and go to 'Config' and click on 3D settings. Then change it to "SoftRastizer"

You'll need a fast PC to play without lag.

Hope that helps!

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That program is known to distribute illegal material like BIOS files and firmware and is not to be linked to on this forum.

Secondly if you're going to recommend an emulator then link to the official site, not some other sort of link....

Thirdly that program is not required to access the software rasteriser in DeSmuME.
You could have just said go download DeSmuME without ever mentioning that program.

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I have an even better solution, I managed to pass de fight with bowser and you know what did helped me? the answer is NO$Zoomer (I found it with a spanish language pack, but I think the version will work too)

here is an attachment of Bowser after defeat him on that small fight when he irrumped on the meeting.

it seems that NO$Zoomer is more than just an add-on for the NO$GBA for big screen and noise reduction sound ^^
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